Where have you been?

  • We’re curious about what you’re working on and what motivates you
  • Be prepared to talk about your experiences, whether they’re research, work or internships, past projects, or something else altogether
  • Come ready to talk about your personal contributions

How did you get there?

  • We like to see your thoughtful approaches to problem-solving
  • Feel free to take time to think before answering a question
  • Listen for hints if you get stuck
  • Getting to the right answer is great, but we also want to understand your thought process

Where do you want to go?

  • We’re interested in your desire to learn and tackle challenging projects
  • For our internships and entry-level roles, we don’t necessarily expect you to have any particular business or finance experience, though some roles will require an understanding of financial concepts
  • Demonstrations of curiosity and motivation matter to us
  • We encourage you to ask questions along the way