Core Principles

At the firm’s foundation are five core principles that define our values and guide our decisions. These concepts are part of our DNA.

Hire and Cultivate Extraordinary People

The quality of our staff is largely responsible for the firm’s success and reputation, and is one of the main reasons that exceptional people are interested in working here. We don’t compromise when it comes to recruiting and developing world-class talent. We give special attention to candidates with extraordinary raw ability and long-term potential. Diversity in multiple dimensions is a key enabler of our success.

Take the High Road

We have an inviolable policy of maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards and treating colleagues with respect and professionalism. This policy protects our reputation; more importantly, it’s simply the right thing to do. In conducting our business, we consider not only the letter, but also the spirit of the law.

Set Unusually Ambitious Goals

We were built in part by trying things that others either considered infeasible or simply never thought of. A single transformative idea that ultimately reaches fruition may be worth a hundred that wind up leading nowhere, and the risk of repeated failures may be justified by the value of a single major success. When an extraordinary team sets extraordinarily ambitious goals, “unexpected” breakthroughs are to be expected.

Focus on the Firm as a Whole

Our culture is based on a collaborative environment in which individuals and groups work together to advance their mutual interests and those of the firm. Employees and groups are valued for their collective contributions to our overall success.

Analyze Rigorously and Communicate Clearly

We place an extraordinarily high value on systematic analysis and precise communication. We take an unusually rigorous and disciplined approach to the processes of planning, evaluation, forecasting, and decision-making, and we believe this has contributed materially to our success over the years.