Hear from the Group

Whether they came by way of academia, Silicon Valley, or an NGO, everyone has their own story of how they arrived here, and why they’ve stayed. Listen to their views to learn what it’s like to work at the D. E. Shaw group.

Meet Nan, Quantitative Analyst: “What I find the most exciting here is that I never get bored of my work. I always get very interesting problems I can keep working on.”

Thumbnail: Nan on Making an Impact

Meet Jay, Counsel: “In a thirty minute conversation, you wouldn’t think you’d get into that much detail, but we did.”

Thumbnail: Jay on Discovering the Firm

Meet Josh, Quantitative Analyst: “I thought I’d try this out for a year, and fifteen years later I’m still sitting here.”

Thumbnail: Josh on Discovering the Firm

Meet Nan, Quantitative Analyst: “I didn’t have a good sense of finance, so I was expecting to see people in suits.”

Thumbnail: Nan on Discovering the Firm

Meet Greg, Trader: “The way we approach problem solving makes it so much more research focused, you feel like you’re almost within an academic institution.”

Thumbnail: Greg on Work & Process

Meet Marianna, Portfolio Manager: “It’s really exciting to come and help build a business at an institution like this one. There’s so much support from all different parts of the firm.”

Thumbnail: Marianna on Work & Process

Meet Zack, Investor Relations: “What you know coming in is much less important than what you’re willing to learn once you get here.”

Thumbnail: Zack on on Work & Process

Meet Greg, Trader: “I found that the employees of the D. E. Shaw group are exceptionally well-rounded; that’s not an adjective I expected to use.”

Thumbnail: Greg on Culture & Colleagues

Meet Jay, Counsel: “We’re comfortable in our nerdiness, and the firm kind of encourages it.”

Thumbnail: Jay on Culture & Colleagues

Meet Nan, Quantitative Analyst: “It’s sort of like a mixture of grad school and a tech company, with a flavor of finance in it.”

Thumbnail: Nan on Culture & Colleagues

Meet Zack, Investor Relations: “My fellow employees are relentlessly rational. At the end of the day, what matters most is that they get things right.”

Thumbnail: Zack on Culture & Colleagues

Meet Marianna, Portfolio Manager: “I think working in this city is the best thing you can do for being in this industry and being a mom, because there’s a huge support network.”

Thumbnail: Marianna on Finding a Balance

Meet Matthew, Compliance Associate: “Living in NYC has been a fantastic experience for me. It’s a very, very difficult place to get bored living in.”

Thumbnail: Matthew on Finding a Balance

Hear our interns reflect on their memorable summer experience: “Everything that you’re working on feels like it has real value to the firm.”

Thumbnail: Our interns reflect on their summer

Meet Josh, Quantitative Analyst: “It’s an opportunity for an intern to really dig in deep, do something pretty meaningful, and it can be a lot of fun.”

Thumbnail: Josh on the Internship Program

Meet Patricia, Recruiter: “We have an extraordinary emphasis on learning, development, and mentorship here...interns will have that exposure throughout their summer.”

Thumbnail: Patricia on the Internship Program
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