The D. E. Shaw group pursues attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns on the capital we invest for our clients. The firm invests globally using a broad array of strategies in both public and private markets. Widely recognized as a pioneer in quantitative investing, particularly in equities, futures, and options, the firm also has formidable expertise in areas that involve fundamental analysis or portfolio manager discretion, such as credit, energy, and macro investing. Regardless of the particular strategy, each investment decision is made in the context of a rigorous analytical approach that seeks to carefully identify and weigh potential risks and rewards.

The firm's investment activities fall into two broad areas:

Alternative Investments

Strategies focused on the delivery of absolute returns, with low targeted correlation to traditional assets like equities, account for around $26 billion of the firm's investment capital. Our alternative investment program dates to 1989 and consists of both larger, core multi-strategy investment vehicles and more focused, strategy-specific investment products.

Benchmark-Relative and Multi-Asset Investments

Long-biased strategies focusing on major, liquid asset classes represent approximately $21 billion of the firm's investment capital. Launched in 2000, a suite of long-only and "130/30" benchmark-relative equity investment strategies deploy a systematic investment process that enables institutional investors to customize their exposure to a particular index. A discretionary strategy launched in 2013 seeks dynamic exposures to multiple global asset classes, enhanced by select alpha opportunities.